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Donny McCaslin: Trio Toolbox

By Published: September 8, 2008
Donny McCaslinAAJ: What's on the horizon for you?

DM: I'm going to California in early September to do a CD release tour for this record. We're going to play in northern California for about a week. Then I'm going to play at the Monterey Jazz Festival with Maria Schneider on September 20. I grew up in Santa Cruz, which is about 45 minutes north of Monterey, and I grew up going to the festival and playing in the high school all-star band there, so it's always a treat for me to go to that festival.

Then in early October, I'm going to do a Midwest tour with the trio, also a CD release tour. We're going to play in Ann Arbor and Chicago and Kalamazoo and Wisconsin. Directly after that, I'm going to Buenos Aires in Argentina to play at the Buenos Aires jazz festival. I'm going to play a trio concert using Argentinean musicians, then I'm going to be a guest soloist with a couple different groups. I'll be there for about a week.

Then I'm coming back to New York for a few days, then I'm doing a tour in Europe with Steps Ahead in late October and early November. Then I'll be back in New York to do a week at the Jazz Standard with Maria Schneider. That's Thanksgiving week.

In early December I have potentially a nice gig, but it's not confirmed so I guess I shouldn't say anything about it.

AAJ: That's cruel.

DM: [laughs] I know, right? Then I'm going to a gig in New Haven, CT, on December 12 with the trio. And then in January I'm going to Europe for two weeks in a trio with [drummer] Antonio Sanchez and [bassist] Scott Colley, which should be a lot of fun. We're going to do two weeks in Europe. Somewhere either before that tour or after that tour, I want to make a new record.

AAJ: Yeah, because you need something to fill up that time.

DM: Exactly. I know, it's a really busy fall for me. I'm looking forward to it. I've got the material pretty much set for the next record. I'm just thinking about concept and orchestration right now.

Selected Discography

Donny McCaslin, Recommended Tools (Greenleaf, 2008)
Donny McCaslin, In Pursuit (Sunnyside, 2007)

Maria Schneider Orchestra, Sky Blue (ArtistShare, 2007)

Donny McCaslin, Soar (Sunnyside, 2006)

Dave Douglas, Meaning and Mystery (Greenleaf, 2006)

Matthias Lupri Group, Metalix (Summit, 2006)

Donny McCaslin, Give and Go (Criss Cross, 2006)

Gene Ess, Sandbox and Sanctum (SIMP, 2005)

Greg August, Late August (Self Published, 2005)

Maria Schneider Orchestra, Concert in the Garden (ArtistShare, 2004)

Donny McCaslin, The Way Through (Arabesque, 2003)

Danilo Pérez, ...Till Then (Verve, 2003)

Alex Sipiagin, Mirrors (Criss Cross, 2003)

Hans Glawischnig, Common Ground (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2003)

Deanna Witkowski, Wide Open Window (Khaeon, 2003)

Bruno Råberg, Chrysalis (Orbis, 2002)

Mary Ann McSweeney, Thoughts of You (Sparky 1 Productions, 2001)

Lan Xang, Hidden Gardens (Naxos, 2000)

Donny McCaslin, Seen From Above (Arabesque, 2000)

Reuben Wilson, Organ Donor (Jazzateria, 1998)

Lan Xang, Lan Xang (Mythology, 1998)

Donny McCaslin, Exile and Discovery (Naxos, 1998)

Scott Colley, Portable Universe (Freelance, 1998)

Steps Ahead, Vibe (NYC, 1996)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Hans Speekenbrink

Bottom Photo: Nadworkds

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