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Eric Darius: Goin' All Out

By Published: August 14, 2008
AAJ: That is definitely a wise choice... that is something that any artist would benefit from. How do you feel about all of the illegal downloading happening over the internet? It is affecting the whole music industry.

ED: In some ways the digital thing has been good like in marketing new artists and putting their music out there, but at the same time, it is like a double-edged sword. People are downloading music for free which is hurting the artists and then affecting the record labels and it all has a domino effect. I am hoping that in the next couple of years the music industry will create an alternative for illegal downloading.

AAJ: It shows a lack of respect for the artists who work hard to give their fans music to enjoy.

ED: Yes, we work very hard to get music to the fans. Some people don't even realize that downloading a CD illegally online is the same thing as stealing a CD from a store. It is just really unfortunate that some people think it is okay to download CDs illegally. A great example though is iTunes. They have done a great job because people can download easily and legally, it is fair, rather than getting music for free.

Eric DariusAAJ: Are there any other collaborations coming up or are you just focusing on the moment?

ED: I always take things in stride but at the same time, I like to always look ahead. I had done a cover of Alicia Keys' "If I Ain't Got You," on my Just Getting Started (Narada, 2006), album and I think she is an incredible artist. I would love the opportunity to collaborate with her. Stevie Wonder is another favorite artist and I would love to work on a project with him.

AAJ: I'm sure your fans would love that. You have collaborated with your new label mate Jeff Lorber on his upcoming album.

ED:Yes, I have become good friends with Jeff over the past couple of years. He played on my CD: Just Getting Started. I later had an opportunity to tour with him and do a couple of shows together—we performed in Japan and Indonesia. When I was at rehearsal with the band at his studio we had an extra day, so he approached me about writing a song together and putting it on the CD. We were in the studio just hanging out and putting the song together and it is going to be featured on his new project and I'm really excited to hear it.

Selected Discography

Eric Darius, Goin' All Out (Blue Note, 2008)
Eric Darius, Just Getting Started (Narada, 2006)
Brian Culbertson, It's On Tonight (GRP, 2005)
Eric Darius, Night On the Town (Higher Octave, 2004)
3rd Force, Driving Force (Higher Octave, 2002)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Courtesy of Eric Darius
Bottom Photo: Geoff Cole

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