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Taylor Eigsti: The Prodigy, Revisited

By Published: July 22, 2008
AAJ: One more question: this is the free space part. You get to opine on anything you want—except for football.

TE: We'd be here all night...

AAJ: Is there anything you want to launch about?

TE: I want to say that a lot of my gigs are in places where there aren't a lot of young people because the ticket prices are so high. If people really want to bring jazz to younger audiences, they have to find a way to lower their prices. After all, those are the people who are hopefully going to be listening to my music in 30 years.

AAJ: Amen!

TE: I want to make music that has very visible emotion and story-telling. I'm trying to make music that people don't have to like or understand jazz to enjoy: they can appreciate the emotional language of the music, and it's fun for them to watch. I don't ever want to get too introspective that it abandons the audience, and they can't figure out what's going on. And I never want to get too dark that everyone is forced to be as dark as I am in order to enjoy it. My favorite music is music that is emotional, and listenable, with driving rhythms—but also somewhat neutral in that people can make of it whatever they want.

Selected Discography

Taylor Eigsti, Let It Come To You (Concord, 2008)
Chris Brubeck, Convergence (Koch, 2007)
Taylor Eigsti, Lucky To Be Me (Concord, 2006)
Brubeck Brothers Quartet, Intuition (Koch, 2006)
Taylor Eigsti, Resonance (Bop City, 2003)
Taylor Eigsti Trio, Taylor's Dream (DIW, 2001)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Dragan Tasic

Center Photo: Dr. Judith Schlesinger

Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Concord Music Group

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