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By Published: August 28, 2008
As far as his own releases, there will be a Jonas Kullhammar Quartet boxed set celebrating their ten years and they will also record a new studio album later this year. There's a trio album Kullhammar recorded with bassist Ole Morten Vagan and drummer Kresten Osgood and a quartet album with Fredrik Lundkvist, Jonas Westergaard and Paal Nilssen-Love.

When accessing the label website the first thing that pops up is the logo and the motto: "Independent Jazz For World Peace." How so? "Moserobie is independent and good music makes people happy and peaceful. I do think that music makes the world a better place." And the name and logo of the label? "I was running a club with some friends in Stockholm from 1999-2001 at a place named Mosebacke in Stockholm. 'Mose' is from Mosebacke and 'Robie' is from guitarist Robert Ostlund. The logo is a lion and I think Moserobie is a good name for a lion."

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