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Vision Festival 2008: Day 3

By Published: July 20, 2008

Numerous passages highlighted the group dynamic: a duo developed between Dickey and Yamamoto, with the pianist dampening the strings with her hand for timbral variation, then expanding into an almost percussive approach, before switching to a rich chordal underpinning as the rest of the ensemble rejoined. Carter noticeably energized and redirected the flow in one drifting ensemble, putting down his clarinet in favor of his alto for an urgent run, repeated at intervals until first Dickey accentuated the pulse, then Morris picked out a riff to sustain the momentum, with impromptu solos unfurling from the collective outpouring.

An absorbing set which certainly had its moments, but never really caught fire and perhaps demonstrated the role of context and environment in the appreciation of this music. In retrospect it might have worked better as the opening rather than closing performance on this particular evening.

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Frank Rubolino

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