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Kongsberg Jazzfestival: Music from the Hall of the Mountain King

By Published: July 18, 2008
This was an ear-splitting affair, many in the audience holding onto their ears for protection, but hanging on to every blip and burp from those boxes. To me it brought back the frenetic wall of analogue sound that Pink Floyd would use in their early days of extreme experimentation. I wondered how Syd Barrett would have felt about these contemporary developments 40 years after he had first heard similar abstract music from AMM in a London concert. There were many of his generation in the concert, but equally as many from later ones. Indeed this concert reflected the success which Kongsberg can pride itself in achieving, catering for the broadest spectrum of modern musical tastes, while championing those at the edge. The cosy respectability of the tea-room contrasted with the cutting edge modernity of these performers. And it all seemed to prove that Kongsberg Jazz is one of the places globally to witness this edge of modern jazz slowly move forward, whether you measure it in inches or in centimeters.

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Opening Day / Main Stage by Thomas Reisaeter

Day 2, The Thing and Anthony Braxton by Stein Hofve

Day 3, Wildbirds and Peacedrums by Stein Hofre

Day 4,Supersilent by Thomas Vaag

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