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Ian Knox: Filming Pat Martino's World

By Published: November 4, 2008
AAJ: What do you have in mind for future film-making projects?

IK: If you want to get to the truth, do fiction. Paul and I are working on the fictionalized movie version of the Martino story, as well as an anthology of shorter neurological tales, which will be presented in the manner of a latter-day Twilight Zone. With Rebecca O'Brien, our brilliant producer at Sixteen Films, I'm preparing a movie adaptation of an epic Scottish novel set around World War I, called Fergus. Making Martino Unstrung was a great adventure so, given the right subject—probably musical—I'd love to do another documentary film before too long.

Photo Credits

Photos and Stills from Martino Unstrung courtesy of Ian Knox and Sixteen Films

Visit the movie website for Martino Unstrung here and watch the film trailer here.

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