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The Art of Jazz Celebration 2008: The Refined Brilliance of Heart and Mind

By Published: June 23, 2008
Day Four of the Art of Jazz Celebration was probably the most challenging to negotiate—for musicians but especially festival-goers. There was so much good music taking place from noon onwards, that it was difficult to keep the energy going until the night. But what a night... for the crystal silence to be broken by the sounds of Egberto Gismonti and the rousing welcome he so richly deserved! The world was once again made a better place by the music of Gismonti... of the music of Cindy Blackman, Hermeto Pascoal, Sheila Jordan and Steve Kuhn, Randy Weston and Billy Harper much the same could be said... Four days that you did not want to end... But time was short, and Toronto must now live in the memory of all who were there, certain to remain vital for many years to come.

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R. Alan Dunlop, except Cindy Blackman Andre Leduc

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