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Esperanza Spalding: Shining and Exploring

By Published: June 24, 2008
She continues: "He's not recognized like Branford [Marsalis] or Wynton [Marsalis], but he's part of that whole renaissance. When you play with him, he knows everything. When he's really playing, man, he's burning and he goes to another level."

Spalding looks forward to the 2008 Newport Jazz Festival with anticipation. "Your heroes are there," she says with enthusiasm. "It's always like you put yourself in context. It's just an honor to be in the same pool as these great musicians." For the 2008 Newport festival, Spalding will be taking the stage with George Wein's Newport All-Stars and her own set.

An immense talent, Spalding brings enthusiasm to the stage with grace and joy. Her personality shines from the stage. When she is not on the bandstand, Spalding spends time researching sustainable energy. If you feel the relentless energy she exudes from the stage, you may think she's already mastered the subject. Spalding also has an interest in supporting programs that empower people. At the CD release event, 25% of each CD's price tag went to Arghand, an organization that helps rural people in Afghanistan raise almonds, apricots, and pomegranates for use by the global market in skin-care products.

Photo Credit

Johann Sauty

Selected Discography

Esperanza Spaulding, Esparanza (Heads Up, 2008)
Stanley Clarke, The Toys of Men (Heads Up, 2007)
Esperanza Spaulding, Junjo (Ayva Music, 2006)
Nando Michelin Trio, Duende (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2006)
Noise For Pretend, Happy You Near (Hush Records, 2002)

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