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Guillermo Klein: Muse and Roots

By Published: June 9, 2008
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What Lies Ahead

AAJ: Is your new album, Filtros, an extension of what you did with Los Guachos in the past? Or is it a new kind of development?

GK: The new disc is an extension, but what's very different is that that there's a lot of music that I've written in the last three, four years that I played in Buenos Aires, and played in Barcelona. There's a lot of singing as well.

We recorded this album right after doing two weeks at the Village Vanguard, and because of that it sounds really good, the music is very focused. It's a heavy disc with a clear message; very well defined. One thing that I've learned over the years is not to have too many musical whims. This is music without whims.

Guillermo KleinAAJ: And you're going to be playing at the Village Vanguard again in June...

GK: Yeah. Then we're going to play at the Newport Jazz Festival, and in October, I'm coming to Buenos Aires. In general, when I come to play in Buenos Aires, I pay for the flight. This is the first time that I'm not paying. That's a huge milestone for me.

We're going to do a tribute to Cuchi Leguizamon that will be part of the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival. I'm already writing every day. I wake up and I learn one of his songs. Distance is a very subjective thing. When I'm playing one of Cuchi's songs, I'm in [the Buenos Aires neighborhood of] San Telmo.

Selected Discography

Guillermo Klein, Filtros (Sunnyside, 2008)
Guillermo Klein, Una Nave (Sunnyside, 2005)
Guillermo Klein, Live in Barcelona (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2005)
Guillermo Klein, Los Guachos III (Sunnyside, 2002)
Guillermo Klein, Los Guachos II (Sunnyside, 1999)
Guillermo Klein, El Minotauro (Candid, 1997)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Courtesy of Jazz Orrilla 2008
Los Gauchos Photo: Courtesy of Darcy James Argue's Secret Society
Bottom Photo: Courtesy of Guillermo Klein

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