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Brian Culbertson: Bringing Back the Funk

By Published: June 11, 2008
Brian CulbertsonAAJ: I think that people are really becoming interested in jazz again. Jazz in all of its sub-genres has an expanding fan base, which is really something to behold, with people who had not previously been exposed to the genre coming to it. All the effort on the artists' part has not been in vain. Also, the fans within the Contemporary Jazz community are extremely loyal. You, as well as other artists, have a definite following.

BC: Yes, they are. It is great.

AAJ: You have toured extensively with your father and he has been a major source of inspiration for your music. It was your father who first placed the headphones on your head so that you could listen to great funk bands like Earth Wind & Fire. He must be so thrilled with this album.

BC: Absolutely. In fact I remember playing some of the early demos from him and he would say, "Now this is what I'm talking about!"

AAJ: I would imagine so. What a great opportunity to make an album like this. Throughout the years you have made it a point to always take the time to speak to your fans, whether at a meet and greet or at a fan club event. It is really nice to see an artist take the time to speak to the fans, and I'm sure that they are all appreciative. Do you feel it is important for an artist to maintain that level of accessibility in order to relate to the fans?

BC: I definitely believe it is important. The last thing that you want to do is turn a fan off or somehow dismiss them. It is all about the fans. If an artist turns off a fan, then they are going to tell their friends and then it has a negative effect. I love to talk to the fans and to hear stories about how the music has affected them.

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Courtesy of Brian Culbertson

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