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By Published: July 24, 2008
RogueArt has also moved outside the realm of audio releases. A second DVD is in the works, with Mitchell and electronic music composer David Wessel and the first book bearing the imprint was just released. Logos and Language: A Post-Jazz Metaphorical Dialogue is a collection of writings by and between Shipp and poet Steve Dalachinsky. A second book by Dalachinsky and photographer Jacques Bisceglia is already in the works, as well as new recordings by a trio of Larry Ochs, Miya Masaoka and Peggy Lee, a big band led by Pierrepont and Mike Ladd and Edelin's trio with guest Steve Lehman.

All of whom could qualify—must, presumably, by their categorization—as "rogue artists." The word refers to a vagrant or dishonest person, but could also refer to the members of the British colonies rebelling against King George or the leaders of the French revolution or the organizers of the Underground Railroad. Or perhaps simply those committed to their art despite the dictates of the market.

"Jazz is not only the music of African Americans," Dorbon said. "It is the music of any people who had to struggle to be themselves, to free themselves. It is not by chance that a gypsy who lived in France, Django Reinhardt, selected jazz as a means of expression. It is not by chance that jazz welcomed the gypsy musicians. In a certain way, all the musicians who selected jazz to tell what they have to say, wherever they originally came from, never found a place in the economic and political systems imposed on them. 'RogueArt' is a natural name for a label that provides shelter for music that is outside the mainstream."

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