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Hugh Hopper: Idiom As A Means To No End

By Published: May 13, 2008
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Where We Are Now

AAJ: Finally, the Clear Frame release referred to in this interview's discography has all the hallmarks of creative renewal for every musician involved. Is there a chance this band will stay together and record again in the future?

HH: No doubt. We play from time to time. Lol Coxhill is getting fairly fragile, so he doesn't tour much, but we did four gigs in Switzerland and Austria last year.

Selected Discography

Soft Machine, Alive In Paris (DVD) (Voiceprint, 2008)
Clear Frame, Clear Frame (Continuity, 2008)
Soft Machine Legacy, Steam (MoonJune, 2007)
Hugh Hopper, Numero D'Vol (MoonJune, 2007)
Soft Machine, Grides (CD/DVD (Cuneiform, 2006)
Soft Machine, Soft Machine & Heavy Friends: BBC In Concert 1971 (Hux, 2005)
Soft Machine, Live In Paris (Cuneiform, 2004)
Soft Machine, Backwards (Cuneiform, 2002)
Soft Machine, Noisette (Cuneiform, 2000)
Hughscore, Delta Flora (Cuneiform, 1999)
Soft Machine, Virtually (Cuneiform, 1998)
Soft Machine, BBC Radio 1967-71 (Hux, 1996)
Hugh Hopper Band, Meccano Pelorus (Wayside, 1991)
Hugh Hopper / Alan Gowen, Two Rainbows Daily (Cuneiform, 1980, reissued 1995)
Soft Head, Rogue Element (Ogun, 1978, reissued 1996)
Hugh Hopper, Hopper Tunity Box (Cuneiform, 1974, reissued 2007)
Hugh Hopper, 1984 (Cuneiform,1973, reissued 1998)
Soft Machine, Six (Sony, 1973)
Soft Machine, Fifth (Sony, 1972)
Soft Machine, Fourth (Sony, 1971)
Soft Machine, Third (Sony, 1970)
Soft Machine, Spaced (Cuneiform, 1969)

Photo Credit
Scott Friedlander

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