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Take Five With...

Take Five With Dana Leong

By Published: October 28, 2007
How do you use the internet to help your career? Having a website is almost a given nowadays. Clear concise content is the way to go. If you see my website ( ) or myspace link ( ), you'll quickly see the basics of who I am, how to sign up for news, what I do, sound like, and how to obtain music and see live shows. Like most artists, I depend heavily on ticket sales as well as record sales, and I do find the awareness created by my internet presence does translate to bigger audiences for the live shows. It has also been a valuable tool for collaborative works as I can work from my private recording studio in Manhattan, then transfer sound files to people I work with in other cities and countries without leaving home. After exhausting searches through the vast digital world, I've even found a few artists whom with I cultivate collaborative relationships.

What is in the near future? My newest record Anthems of Life will celebrate release Nov. 14th 7pm at the Knitting Factory, NYC. November 14th also marks the beginning of a two-month world tour we will be doing, with the Dana Leong Band representing the United States as musical cultural ambassadors. The tour is sponsored by Jazz at Lincoln Center and the US Department of State, and is part of a longstanding tradition that has included such artists as Dizzie Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. As a selected artist, I was given the choice of going anywhere in the world for six weeks. Believe that!

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