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Take Five With Darrell J. Walker

By Published: March 10, 2007
Meet Darrell J. Walker: I am an awesome trombone player in the real New Orleans tradition. Been called the "baddest" trombone player in New Orleans. Learned from the best - my daddy plays the trombone as well as I studied in college. I have played professionally for approximately thirty years. I'm forty-nine years old. I've played mostly jazz (smooth, jazzy, Dixieland) and R&B but have also played with rock bands. I am extremely professional both in appearance and demeanor. I can both read and play by ear.

Played nightly in the French Quarter. Some bands I have played with in New Orleans are: New Orleans Levee Board, Deacon John and the Ivories, Doc Paulin Brass Band, Dr. Frank Minyard (he's the coroner of New Orleans), Jazz Roots.

Additionally, I have played both the Blue Note and Lincoln Center Outdoors with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. I also played with Irma Thomas at Central Park SummerStage.

Currently reestablishing my career in the New Jersey/New York metro area.

Instrument(s): trombone.

Teachers and/or influences? Miles Davis, Louie Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, KEM, Stevie Wonder.

I knew I wanted to be a musician when... I picked up my daddy's trombone and it was heavier than me.

Your sound and approach to music: Play what makes you and your audience feel good. If it doesn't come from your heart, you shouldn't be playing.

Your dream band: Bunch of dedicated jazz cats from New Orleans who just want to play.

Did you know... I am a gentle soul.

What is in the near future? Just to reestablish myself. Lost just about everything to Katrina - materialistically and otherwise. Need to hook up with some good jazz musicians again and do some gigs on a regular basis.

By Day: I am a security officer in my other life.

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