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Gene Bertoncini: Architect of the Guitar

By Published: April 7, 2008
AAJ: We're afraid to be out of touch for a nanosecond. And if you're in a car with children, they must have a video, because they can't be allowed to daydream...

GB: ...or look out the window...

AAJ: ...or notice the seasons...

GB: So I hope that the music we do will enhance life.

AAJ: The way you do it, Gene, it certainly does. So keep it coming, will ya?


On May 3, 2008, the Classical Guitar Society of New York held a tribute concert to Gene Bertoncini, featuring performances by maestros Jorge Morel, Frederic Hand, and Dennis Koster, and several duets, including one between Gene and Paul Myers on "Chega de Saudade." The evening was like an extended family gathering, relaxed and warm and filled with laughter, with Gene telling one of his famous jokes. The guitarists explained why they admired and were influenced by Gene's harmonic vision and his ability to bridge the gap between classical, jazz, and Brazilian musical styles. "His voicings are a thing of wonderment," said the evening's host, conductor Scott Jackson Wiley. Basking in the affection pouring from both the stage and the audience, Gene said, "I'm a lucky guy."

Selected Discography

Gene Bertoncini, Quiet Now (Ambient Records, 2004)
Gene Bertoncini/Frank Vignola, Meeting of the Grooves(Azica, 2002)
Gene Bertoncini, Body and Soul (Ambient Records, 1999)

Gene Bertoncini, Gene Bertoncini with Bill Charlap and Sean Smith (Chiaroscuro, 1998)

Gene Bertoncini, Jobim: Someone To Light Up My Life, (Chiaroscuro, 1995)

Gene Bertoncini/Michael Moore, Two in Time (Chiaroscuro, 1989)

Photo Credit
Top Two Photos: Michael G. Stewart
Bottom Photo: Dr. Judith Schlesinger

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