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Misha Piatigorsky: Invent Your Own Bicycle

By Published: March 17, 2008

AAJ: Let's talk about "I Fall In Love Too Easily." As you said, it goes into a crazy vamp and becomes a completely other composition. Did that happen on the bandstand one night?

MP: No. That's way too complex a vamp for me to come up with on the bandstand. [laughs] It was one of those compositional things. I sat down and worked it out one day. I love that song, and I decided to reharmonize it, which I did. And then that vamp kind of came about. Recently there was a review of the record, and one writer called it "a Russian funeral march," which I thought was really funny. Kind of fitting. It just kind of came out, and I have no way of explaining why those two are together. I tried putting that vamp to a few other ballads. I was considering putting it at the end of "Lonely Butterfly." It just didn't work. It was like, "This is the vamp to 'I Fall In Love Too Easily,' and that's it."

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All photos courtesy of Misha Piatigorsky

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