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Dana Leong: No Boundaries

By Published: February 26, 2008
DL: Definitely personal relationships of all different kinds. We made personal connections with people that work in the U.S. government abroad, as well as meeting natives from the countries we were visiting of all different types—people way high up in the government to school children. Just people in public that were passing by the concerts and came in to take a look. We met young, young children, all the way up to college kids. You name it.

It was really a lot, everyday, the fact that we got to bring our music abroad into these beautiful settings. We were the final performance at the Saigon Opera Hall before they renovated it. And they hadn't renovated it for like fifty, sixty years. And it took a lot of string-pulling, but they were able to keep it open one extra night, so that while we were touring, we played in the original configuration before they gutted it and put in new seats, stage. Things like that. Historic venues filled with local people who had never heard of our music or were only recently introduced through TV or radio—that was extremely special for us.

Selected Discography

Dana Leong, Anthems of Life (Tateo Sound, 2007)

Balkan Beat Box, Nu Med (J-Dub, 2007)

The Jason Lindner Big Band, Live at the Jazz Gallery (Anzic, 2007)

D.D. Jackson, Serenity Song (Justin Time, 2006)

Dafnis Prieto, Absolute Quintet (Zoho, 2006)

Dana Leong, Leaving New York (Tateo Sound, 2006)

Carlo Vutera, Mi Amor: Boleros Napoletanos (Orchard, 2005)

Balkan Beat Box, Balkan Beat Box (J-Dub, 2005)

Pyeng Threadgill, Of The Air (Random Chance, 2005)

Various Artists, String Quartet Tribute to the Red Hot Chili Peppers (Vitamin, 2004)

Mike Ladd, Nostalgialator (K7, 2004)

Steve Coleman & Five Elements, Lucidarium (Label Bleu, 2004)

Zap Mama, Ancestry in Progress (Luaka Bop, 2004)

Josh Roseman Unit, Treats for the Nightwalker (Enja/Justin Time, 2003)

Vijay Iyer & Mike Ladd, In What Language? (Pi Recordings, 2003)

Henry Threadgill, Up Popped the Two Lips (Pi Recordings, 2001)

Photo Credits

Top photo: Courtesy of Dana Leong

Others: Franz A. Matzner

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