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DVD Round-Up: Ahmet Ertegun, Les Paul, Cowboy Jack Clement, Johnny Cash Christmas Specials and Before The Music Dies

By Published: December 11, 2007

While the points are both salient and, most likely, on target given today's apathy over the fall of the modern record business, the actual source of this decline is not fully covered. It's easy to make the generalization that "McDonald's is making people fat and Wal-Mart is killing Main Street." But the essence of both assertions—capitalism and the consumer—holds the true answer. Yes, the music industry is killing modern music. Why? The modern consumer is allowing the degradation of music quality to happen. Believe me, a record company would release only zydeco music if millions of citizens wanted to buy it. If the consumer prefers processed food, cheap trinkets and sound-alike music, then McDonald's, Wal-Mart and the major labels are more than happy to grant them their wish. If consumers demanded revolution, they would get Charlie Parker instead of Glenn Miller, Nirvana instead of Michael Bolton, and Nora Jones instead of Britney Spears. Those already aware of modern music and the modern music industry will find nothing new in Before the Music Dies, except some confirmation of what they already know and some cool interviews with Dave Matthews and Branford Marsalis.

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