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Mark Sholtez: True to Himself

By Published: December 5, 2007
AAJ: And for the Dutch readers, can you tell us something about your Dutch ancestry? Do you know anything about the Netherlands?

MS: I don't know a huge amount about the Netherlands apart from basic history, and knowing that they have a pretty happening music scene. My father and his family moved to Australia when my dad was about four or five years old. Both my Dutch grandparents have passed away, and dad was so young when they immigrated that so much has been forgotten. As I get older, I am becoming more and more interested in it, so I recently applied for a Dutch passport, which I now have. I'm looking forward to getting the opportunity to spend some extended time there and make that important connection. I would really love to take some time out and live there for a year or so.

AAJ: Goals for the future: to tour in other parts of the world? Record more albums?

MS: I'm having such a great time doing what I'm doing; I just hope I can stay on the ride. If I'm looking back on the second album, eighteen months from now, knowing that I've seen more of the world, played another year of exciting shows and that I'm about to go into the studio for a third album, what more could I ask for?

Selected Discography

Mark Sholtez, Real Street (Verve, 2006)

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Courtesy of Mark Sholtez

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