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Earl May at the Smithsonian's Jazz Cafe

By Published: November 9, 2007

In short, it was yet another remarkable evening at the Smithsonian's Jazz Café. The concert was, like many such Friday evenings, broadcast live on WPFW-FM, the local Pacifica affiliate and the only station in town that features jazz. How many cities have a venue, which welcomes all—from the office worker seeking to ease the week's turmoil to visiting children exposed to their first jazz concert—and does so at an affordable price ($10 a ticket)? Moreover, how many cities have a radio station which features live broadcasts of local notable jazz concerts? How many cities offer an intimate venue to legendary jazz musicians, who otherwise would not be scheduled at larger halls throughout the area? Perhaps strangely, staid and stolid Washington, D.C. has just such a place—at least, until the Smithsonian decides otherwise.

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