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Irene Schweizer: Ramifications

By Published: November 27, 2007
Her recorded output, while strong in the 1970s, was poorly distributed via labels like FMP, which had minimal distribution outside Germany, and even smaller labels like Ogun, Willisau Live (for which she recorded Willi the Pig with saxophonist John Tchicai, bassist Buschi Niebergall and drummer Makaya Ntshoko), Bazilius and PIP. Intakt, for whom she has recorded over twenty releases in as many years, has significantly better European distribution and has brought her music and that of her peers to a wider audience. While Schweizer hasn't been to the States in seven years, she's "curious to come back because it's been awhile, and to come to New York and meet a lot of musicians there. It's a pity it's so short! Her 2007 visit will include a trio performance at the Velvet Lounge with Fred Anderson and drummer Michael Zerang, as well as a solo performance as part of the European Jazz Meets Chicago Festival in November. She will also be playing solo performances in Montreal and in New York. Hopefully, the ramifications of her visit are felt for years to come.

Thanks to Irène Schweizer, Patrik Landolt and the staff of All About Jazz New York for making this article possible.

Selected Discography:

Irène Schweizer/Fred Anderson/Hamid Drake, Wilisau & Taktlos (Intakt, 2005)

Irène Schweizer & Pierre Favre, Ulrichsberg (Intakt, 2003)

Irène Schweizer, Chicago Piano Solo (Intakt, 2000)

Les Diaboliques, Live at the Rhinefalls (Intakt, 1997)

Rüdiger Carl, Book/Virtual COWWS (FMP, 1996)

Irène Schweizer & Andrew Cyrille (Intakt, 1988)

Various Artists, Live at Taktlos (Intakt, 1984)

Irène Schweizer, Hexensabbat (FMP/Intakt, 1977/2005)

John Tchicai & Irene Schweizer, Willi the Pig (Willisau Live/Atavistic, 1974)

Irène Schweizer & Rüdiger Carl, Goose Pannee (FMP, 1974)

Pierre Favre, Quartet (Wergo, 1968)

Various Artists, Jazz Meets India (Saba, 1967)

Photo Credit
Dragan Tasic

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