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Phil Lesh & Friends Fall Tour 2007: Searching for the Sound

By Published: November 3, 2007
The same might apply to this current lineup of Phil Lesh and Friends. It's pretty safe to say no one in the aged Beantown Theater enjoyed himself or herself more than Lesh himself these two nights, particularly Wednesday. Nods of approval across the stage, gestures of camaraderie to his bandmates at breaks and hugs at set close, not to mention the laughing out loud mid-song, were more than understandable given the way he and his band performed both nights.

Still, when you take into account this man's history, professional and personal—less than a year since diagnosis of then treatment for prostate cancer—it's understandable and fitting that the audience now accords him the affectionate reverence it once devoted to the iconic figurehead of the Dead, Jerry Garcia. There is nothing like a Phil Lesh and Friends concert.

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Rich Gastwirt

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