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"This Meets That" Live: John Scofield On Tour

By Published: October 27, 2007

Following a short post-concert Q&A with a portion of the attendees, Scofield was heard to exclaim with some tangible sign of relief, "We made it through! It was the comment of a self-effacing musician who, even in answering a post-show query with as much humility as he had just displayed onstage, remains a gifted musician still eager to teach himself, which is what all "learning" is essentially about.

No doubt most of the Hopkins Center faithful would enroll in the same school, just to see how this self- education progresses. The slow blues encore gave every indication of a logical and natural new direction open to John Scofield once he has perfected his present ambitious but rapidly evolving endeavor with his trio and The Sco Horns.

Photo Credit
Stephen Fitzpatrick

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