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London Calling

Pinski Zoo/Confront Recordings/Freedom of the City

By Published: April 9, 2003

AAJ: Is there any particular music that you have been listening to recently that has impressed you?

JK: I still listen to Coltrane and Ornette. Those are the two jazz guys that I always come back to and a lot else I find poor substitutes, but the mix of music from different cultures is really feeding through (with good and bad effects) and is interesting. Pinski Zoo always aimed to bring influences in, without directly quoting the source. I spent a lot of time listening to Eastern European music and I still love music by Bartok and Shostakovitch. Ralph Stanley's album is nice.

AAJ: Do you wish to offer any opinion about the current state of the world?

JK: Well it's a mistake to think that musicians necessarily have any more profound insights into the big questions than anyone else, but I can say that I just get more puzzled rather than less about what people think is valuable in their life... how much consumer garbage in all levels of life do we need?

The Pinski Zoo tour continues at:
April 12th. Phoenix Arts Centre, Newarke Street, Leicester
April 29th. The Cluny, Lime Street, Newcastle upon Tyne.
May 2nd. Union Chapel London.
May 10th. Lighthouse, Kingland Road, Poole.

Zone K by Jan Kopinski & Wojtek Konikiewcz, with Steve Harris is released on Slam records (CD 252) on May 5th.

Confront Recordings Goes Legitimate!

After releasing ten CD-R recordings of improvised music by artists such as Assumed Possibilities and Nikos Veliotis in very small, limited editions with minimalist packaging, Mark Wastell's Confront Recordings has expanded its horizons. Confront 11 and Confront 12 are proper CD releases in elegantly designed packaging - and the music is rather fine too!

Confront 11 is Trem by Rhodri Davies. Confront 12 is Foldings by Tetuzi Akiyama, Toshimaru Nakamura, Taku Sugimoto and Mark Wastell. Rhodri Davies and Mark Wastell are busy members of London's improv community (see item below!). They were prime movers in keeping the All Angels venue running, a venue that featured the best of London and international improv. Davies and Wastell are also key figures in the movement that Wastell has dubbed "New London Silence". Indeed, Foldings is a practical demonstration of the movement?s philosophy. With many of its sounds barely at the threshold of audibility, this CD requires careful listening. This process underlines some thoughts espoused by John Cage about the (lack of) distinction between background and foreground sounds. As Cage said, "Listen. You can hear so much, even when there seems to be silence."

Trem is Davies solo debut and a rare (unique?) instance of improvised harp. Davies produces an awesome array of sounds from the instrument. I shall say no more now. I am meeting Rhodri Davies for an interview soon, to appear shortly in London Calling.

Freedom of the City Festival 2003

The third annual celebration of all that is best about improvised music in London. Once again, the line-up is mouth-watering! For a pre-festival taster, try the recording from last year's festival, Freedom of the City 2002: Small Groups on Emanem.

See their website for schedule and personnel changes.

Saturday May 3rd 15:00

IAN MITCHELL & DAVID RYAN (bass clarinets) with TANIA CHEN (piano)

9!: NATHANIEL CATCHPOLE (tenor sax), JAMIE COLEMAN (trumpet), ALEX JAMES (piano), ROSS LAMBERT (guitar / pocket trumpet / preparations), JOHN LELY (piano), SEBASTIAN LEXER (piano / computer), MARIANTHI PAPALEXANDRI (moving objects), EDDIE PREVOST (percussion), SEYMOUR WRIGHT (alto sax)


Saturday May 3rd 19:30

Sakada : RHODRI DAVIES (harp), MARK WASTELL (double bass), MARGARIDA GARCIA (electric double bass), MATTIN (computer feedback), EDDIE PREVOST (percussion)

KEITH ROWE (guitar / electronics) & JOHN TILBURY (piano)

FJQ: PAUL RUTHERFORD (trombone), HARRISON SMITH (tenor sax / bass clarinet), TONY MOORE (cello), EDDIE PREVOST (drums)

Sunday May 4th 15:00

The Remote Viewers: DAVE PETTS (tenor sax / composer), LOUISE PETTS (alto sax), ADRIAN NORTHOVER (soprano sax)

ROLAND RAMANAN (trumpet / wooden flutes), MARCIO MATTOS (cello), SIMON H FELL (double bass), TONY MARSH (percussion)



Shock Exchange: CAROLINE KRAABEL (alto sax / voice) & JOHN EDWARDS (double bass)

Sunday May 4th 19:30

Pieces directed by Knut Aufermann, Terry Day, Simon H Fell, Caroline Kraabel, David Leahy, Marianthi Papalexandri, Roland Ramanan, Paul Rutherford, Pat Thomas, Dave Tucker & Philipp Wachsmann and an improvisation

Monday May 5th 15:00

LOL COXHILL (soprano sax), LU EDMONDS (electric bass banjo), KNUT AUFERMANN (electronics)

MILO FINE (clarinet / piano / percussion), HUGH DAVIES (electronics), PAUL SHEARSMITH (trumpet), TONY WREN (double bass)

Free Base: ALAN WILKINSON (alto & baritone saxophones), MARCIO MATTOS (double bass), STEVE NOBLE (percussion)

IST: RHODRI DAVIES (harp), MARK WASTELL (cello), SIMON H FELL (double bass)

Lunge: GAIL BRAND (trombone), PHIL DURRANT (electronics), PAT THOMAS (piano / electronics), MARK SANDERS (percussion)

Monday May 5th 19:30

JOHN RUSSELL (guitar) & STEFAN KEUNE (sopranino & alto saxophones)


TONY WREN (double bass), LARRY STABBINS (soprano & tenor saxophones), HOWARD RILEY (piano), MARK SANDERS (percussion)

JOHN BUTCHER (soprano & tenor saxophones) & JOHN EDWARDS (double bass)

ALAN TOMLINSON (trombone), STEVE BERESFORD (electronics), ROGER TURNER (percussion)

Conway Hall is in Red Lion Square in central London near Holborn tube station. Tickets: £10 (£6 concs) for one concert, £17 (£10 concs) for one day, £40 (£25 concs) for season ticket. Advanced tickets from FREEDOM OF THE CITY, 3 Bittacy Rise, London NW7 2HH, England.

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