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Jason Ricci: A Different Shade of Blue

By Published: October 11, 2007

AAJ: Are these things [a heightened sophistication/deeper sensitivity/spirituality/ or any that applies] reflected on your new CD?

JR: All of the above I hope!

AAJ: Tell us about this CD

JR: This is my first CD since Down At The Juke where I'm really proud of the songs, lyrics, playing, and arranging. It's also my first to really showcase my road band. It should be out by early December [2006] on the Blue Sunday label.

AAJ: What are your aspirations for your career?

JR: Just to keep going the way I am on the road, traveling, staying true to myself on and off stage, make enough money to have food, shelter and real fancy clothes, and keep progressing on the harp.

AAJ: Lastly (and we mean this humorously), with the popularity of television's Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, do you think the blues need a makeover?

JR: Totally needs a makeover! Badly! Enough with the fake suits and sunglasses etc...! Queer Eye for the Blues Guy is in full effect from the Ricci camp. But I still can't get my own band to rock some fashion statements, so I have a lot of work to do!

Selected Discography:

Jason Ricci, Rocket Number 9 (Electo Groove, 2007)
Jason Ricci, Live At Checkers Tavern (Blue Sunday Entertainment, 2005)
Jason Ricci, Blood On The Road (Rah Fox, 2005)

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Courtesy of Jason Ricci

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