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Luciana Souza: The Voice of the New Bossa Nova

By Published: October 25, 2007

AAJ: In most interviews we never really get to talk about the artist so let's do it for a change! Who is Luciana Souza as a human being that lives as everybody surrounded by war, terrorism, greed and all these bad vibes?

LS: It is a challenge to make sense of these times, for everyone. I think most of us just want to be moral in our actions and honest in our work. It is more important than ever for artists to put timeless beauty into the world, regardless of trends and styles. We can effect great change in the world by being kind to the people in our own lives.

AAJ: I know you really like poetry. The question is, do you think there is still room for poetry in such a hectic and violent world like ours?

LS: Absolutely. There will always be a need for poetry, for songs, paintings, sculptures, dance, family, love... this is what makes us human. As Kafka said, "Art is the axe for the frozen sea within us."

Selected Discography

Luciana Souza, The New Bossa Nova (Verve, 2007)
Luciana Souza, Duos II (Sunnyside, 2005)
Luciana Souza, Neruda (Sunnyside, 2004)
Luciana Souza, Brazilian Duos (Biscoito Fino, 2001)
Luciana Souza, The Poems of Elizabeth Bishop and Other Songs (Sunnyside, 2000)
Luciana Souza, The Answer to Your Silence (NYC, 1999)

Photo Credit
Courtesy of Verve Music Group.

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