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Chris Botti: Italia

By Published: October 18, 2007
AAJ: The song selection is flawless and, as you said, the songs flow very well from one to the next. In terms of the cover were you going for a more simplistic approach? The cover seems to be evocative of a Blue Note cover in that it focuses solely on the artist.

Chris CB: I have had the same photographer that has shot my last four records and Italia is the fifth. The one thing that all the covers seem to have in common is that there is never anything in the background. It is hard enough these days to try and get the word out that an instrumentalist can actually sell a record and attract an audience. For an instrumentalist you have the artist pictured and then the instrument whereas, if you see a Christina Aguilera record, it is just the person pictured so you automatically know that she is a singer.

When the trumpet goes into the situation, then that takes up a lot of room. The best thing to do is to keep it really simple and just be concerned with the shot. The cover has been morphed around a lot. We went to Rome for two days and took a lot of shots and we instantly went toward that shot because of the directness of it. It is kind of a classic shot. It is serious but yet the simplicity represents Italy. For this album I just wanted something that looked right into the camera.

AAJ: The cover and the music all fits together seamlessly.

CB: For those who are fans of Italian music, the inclusion of the Dean Martin vocal performance, "I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face, on the album, is kind of like, "Wow where did that come from? Sometimes in modern day technology, when you have a vocal performance like he did in 1957, and we cut everything new around it, sometimes it feels as though it has been doctored up in a way, like it doesn't have the real vibe or intimacy or something like that. I think we really got lucky and were able to cut something that has a great vibe and simplicity that works. That Dean Martin track was done about a year ago. We got lucky that Capitol records came to us and asked us to be involved in this project for Dean, Forever Cool (Capitol Records, 2007). We did it and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

Selected Discography:

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Chris Botti, Midnight Without You (Polygram Records, 1997)

Chris Botti, Caught: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Polygram Records, 1996)

Chris Botti, First Wish (Polygram Records, 1995)

Photo Credits
Top Photo: Fabrizio Ferri, courtesy of Chris Botti
Bottom Photo: Scott Mitchell

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