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Marc Antoine: Inspiration

By Published: October 4, 2007
AAJ:Will you be touring extensively to promote this album? This fall you will be participating in the third annual Dave Koz & Friends At Sea Cruise. What is it like to perform at this type of an event?

Marc AntoineMA: I have a few things coming up. Some concerts with Slim Man and Bona Fide. I will also be at the huge event that the Wave radio station puts together, The Wave Fest. I am planning to perform with a package with Paul Brown and Kenny Rankin. Of course, I will be on the Dave Koz cruise in November. The fans can take a look at my website for my tour schedule. My wife and I, we didn't know what to expect when we first went on that cruise and we had a lot of fun. I can say now that I love them, give me more... It's a big package with a lot of artists having fun with the crowd, and it's a big size theater; amazing. I commend the promoter on a job well done.

AAJ: Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans?

MA: Thank you for being my Fans for such a long time (15 years already) and I hope you'll enjoy listening to the new record as much as I enjoyed making it. Love you guys.

Selected Discography

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Marc Antoine, Urban Gypsy (GRP Records, 1995)

Marc Antoine, Classical Soul (GRP Records, 1994)

Photo Credit

Courtesy of Marc Antoine

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