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Tanglewood Jazz Festival 2007

By Published: September 10, 2007

Civello has a supple, sultry voice and is also writing her own songs. She's someone to keep an eye on. Also at the cafe was 15-year-old saxophonist Grace Kelly, who continues to improve and blazed away with a swinging set. An instrumental voice for the future, perhaps. Edmar Castenada, a harpist from Columbia, is an amazing musician who gets incredible sounds out of the instrument most people associate with dinner music... or angels. Forget about it. He's a burner with a great ear for rhythms and harmonies and gets both into his music. Trombonist Gilkes, who must have really had to hustle from his gig with Maria Schneider to get back to play with Edmar, also provided some fireworks. Great stuff.

Tanglewood has long been known for its classical concerts and connections. But eyes and ears should shift here Labor Day for timeless and unusual sounds and some of the best that jazz has to offer.

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