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An Interview With Ken Watters

By Published: September 5, 2007
I'm also a big Chris Potter fan. I love all of his CDs, including his latest. That guy writes and plays his butt off.

AAJ: Have you heard Tim Hagans latest CD Animation/Imagination (the drum and bass one)? If so, would you care to comment?

KW: I've heard only snippets of that CD, and what I heard was really intriguing. It's definitely a new direction for him. In my opinion, Tim Hagans can do no wrong, and is the most harmonically advanced trumpeter out there today.

To some, he may seem to be more of an "outside" player, but when you actually sit down and analyze what he's doing, you will find that every note he plays relates to the harmony of the chord changes in some way. He knows EXACTLY what he's doing, and to me, he's taken what Woody Shaw was doing in his prime and built upon it.

AAJ: You've appeared on over 25 recordings. Would you please provide AAJ with a discography?

KW: That's a tough one, because most of the CDs that I am on are not available in the US, and I have only a handful myself. Most that I am on are French Caribbean.

I am on 5 Tabou Combo CDs and many other French Caribbean bands' CDs (including one by Kassava), a compilation CD called Her Place that includes Widespread Panic, Dan Penn, Delbert McClinton, and others, a blues/R&B group The Snake Doctors, drummer Roger Hawkins' CD, and many gospel recordings. I also do some recording as a part of the Muscle Shoals Horns.

The actual number of recordings that I've been on is probably closer to 35, but it's hard for me to give specifics.

AAJ: To conclude, a purely hypothetical question: if you were to cook dinner for the staff of AAJ (or could take them to dinner) what would you serve (or where would you take them)?

KW: I would talk my wife into cooking some Southern cuisine, such as fried green tomatoes, cornbread and beans, pork chops, and pecan pie. A steady diet of this would kill you, but it's great every so often.

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