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MichaŽl Attias

By Published: September 30, 2007
Take Renku and add Russ Lossing on piano and Tony Malaby on saxophone and you get Twines of Colesion, which Attias describes as "a trio in expansion. They play this month at Cornelia Street Café and next June [2008] record their debut album for Clean Feed Records at a three-day festival in Portugal. While Twines of Colesion centers strongly around improvisation, Clinamen is a larger group that includes Hebert, Malaby, vibraphonist Matt Moran, French horn player Mark Taylor and Takeishi and Tyshawn Sorey on drums and percussion and plays Attias' more heavily-notated compositions. He's been working with Clinamen for the past five years and has an extensive catalogue of music written. All that's needed is a grant to fund a recording.

Michael Attias also curates a weekly series at Barbès called "Night of the Ravished Limbs, that features a cross-section of New York musicians. He plays in a variety of groups as a sideman including a quartet led by bassist Sean Conly with whom he recorded an album last month and a trio with cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm and keyboardist Anthony Coleman that he considers one of his favorites. In 2003 he started working with theater director Doris Mirescu, and continues to create live scores and sound designs for projects they develop for their group Dangerous Ground Productions.

At seventeen he wrote and performed a little piece of music for his brother's production of Le Mort by Georges Bataille, which was performed at the Espace Kiron in Paris in 1985. A reviewer raved about the production, save for two things: a marionette play-within-a-play and the "brutal interventions of a grotesque and sentimental saxophone.

"To be insulted at seventeen by a leading magazine, by L'Express, I was so proud, he gushed. "I think if I make a solo record that's what it will be called, The Brutal Interventions of a Grotesque and Sentimental Saxophone.

Selected Discography

Terumasa Hino-Masabumi Kikuchi Quintet, Counter Current (Sony, 2007)

Michaël Attias, Credo (Clean Feed, 2005)

Michaël Attias, Renku (Playscape, 2004)

Edward Ratliff, Barcelona in 48 Hours (Jazz for a Film) (Strudelmedia, 2001)

Anthony Coleman, The Abysmal Richness of the Infinite Proximity of the Same (Tzadik, 1997)

Four in One, Plays Thelonious Monk (in Situ, 1991)

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Scott Friedlander

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