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Moments with Max

By Published: September 7, 2007
"Let's take a look" he said inserting the cartridge in the recorder. I was on the edge of my seat... "Could this really be true" I thought. Years of research by many writers had failed to turn up any footage of Clifford Brown on television. Suddenly, the screen lit up , incredibly, there was Soupy Sales introducing "a great jazz trumpeter... Cliff Brown"! As I sat mesmerized, I watched Clifford playing 2 selections and marveled at the good camera work that revealed his embouchure and famous wrinkled expression of concentration. After the music, Soupy moved on camera and interviewed Brownie who answered politely and warmly that he had played music from the group's latest album "A Study In Brown" and modestly shuffled his feet saying he was grateful and happy that Soupy had asked him on the show. Soupy then said that he had heard that a special event had occurred recently in the Brown household. Beaming, Clifford proudly announced that his wife LaRue had just given birth to a son. As Soupy shook his hand I wiped tears away from my eyes and looked around the room to see that Sue and Max were doing the same thing... Later, as we left, I hugged Max and thanked him no end for sharing the experience. It was the last time I talked with him.

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