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Claire Martin: Improvisation, Inspiration, Imagination

By Published: September 13, 2007
AAJ: Every album that you record has its own feel, but what remains the same on each album, is the fact that there is always that element of class and verve present. That is something that must be very rewarding, to be signed to a record label where you have the artistic freedom to create the type of music that you want to record and do it in the manner that you would like.

CM: That is indeed one of the most important things about not being signed to a "major label. Yes it's rewarding to always be supported artistically even when I've had some very mad ideas!

Claire Martin AAJ: Are you currently touring?

CM: I'm a mum of a five year-old daughter, so I don't like to tour extensively. I've just completed a twelve-date engagement in New York at the Algonquin Hotel. It's the longest we have been apart. I don't like to leave for more than a week on tour. It's hard to be a working mum in any walk of life, but even more so when your work involves you being away from home and working very unsociable hours. I often wonder how actresses do it when they have to be away for months on end on a shoot.

AAJ: What do you hope that listeners take away from this album, He Never Mentioned Love, after listening to it? What would you like them to feel or think?

CM: I'd like them to feel like they have just heard some heartfelt singing with some world class musicians doing there very best to bring some new life into some wonderful material. I'd like them to rush out and buy some Shirley Horn recordings and keep her memory alive. I would like to say to the fans—thank you for listening to my music.

Selected Discography

Claire Martin, He Never Mentioned Love (Linn Records, 2007)

Claire Martin with Richard Rodney Bennett, When Lights Are Low (Linn Records, 2005)

Claire Martin, Secret Love (Linn Records, 2004)

Claire Martin, Too Darn Hot (Linn Records, 2002)

Claire Martin, Every Now And Then: The Very Best of Claire Martin (Linn Records, 2001)

Claire Martin, Perfect Alibi (Linn Records, 2000)

Claire Martin, Take My Heart (Linn Records, 1999)

Claire Martin, Make This City Ours (Linn Records, 1997)

Claire Martin, Old Boyfriends (Lexington/Linn Records, 1994)

Claire Martin, Devil May Care (Lexington/Linn Records, 1993)

Claire Martin, The Waiting Game (Linn Records, 1992)

Photo Credits

Top Photo: Courtesy of City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
Bottom Photo: Brian O'Connor

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