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Azar Lawrence: Rising Like Atlantis

By Published: November 6, 2007

AAJ: Where to now, after all the ground you've covered?

AL: I'm playing saxophone, full force. I always wanted to string all these things together and have them working together. So that's where it's really at now. I'm still writing songs to be utilized in other avenues of music. I wrote a song Dolly Parton put a hold on. She didn't end up using it, but I felt very honored she even held it. I pride myself on not only being able to write jazz, but also pop. It's a blessing. It all goes back to my parents, they were there for me.

AAJ: The World Stage's Don Muhammed tapped me on the shoulder after your show and said, "Wasn't that healing?

AL: That's great. Really? It's just getting out of the way and letting the Most High come through. That's all it is.

Selected Discography

Earth, Wind and Fire, Powerlight (Columbia, 1983)
Stanley Turrentine, Home Again (Elektra, 1983)
Freddie Hubbard, Bundle of Joy (Columbia, 1977)
Azar Lawrence, People Moving (Prestige, 1976)
Azar Lawrence, Summer Solstice (Prestige, 1975)
Elvin Jones, New Agenda (Vanguard, 1975)
McCoy Tyner, Sama Layuca (Milestone, 1975)
Woody Shaw, Moontrane (Muse, 1974)
Miles Davis, Dark Magus (Columbia, 1974)
McCoy Tyner, Atlantis (Milestone, 1974)
McCoy Tyner, Enlightenment (Milestone, 1973)

Photo Credit Courtesy of Azar Lawrence

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