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An Open Letter to Keith Jarrett

By Published: July 27, 2007
  • You think you are doing this for the good of the people. Is it really the role of the artist to educate the audience? Maybe up to a certain point but definitely without hurting their feelings. We can be told nicely and we will understand and learn. Anything more is arrogance and abuse.

  • You think the best method to use is force. You are a bully! You use bullying techniques to get what you want. Childish blackmailing methods are a sign of immaturity. If you have an anger problem, deal with it! Why should I go to your concerts in fear that you might be in a bad mood and walk off?

  • You don't allow the right to reply. At the concert I had to put up with your insults without being able to protest or get my money back (hence this letter). Again this an abuse of your power as an artist.

  • You ultimately fail. Antagonism breeds antagonism. The only thing you achieve is creating stressed-out and angered people. You are losing touch with the real world.

    By deciding not to invite you again the Umbria Jazz Festival people have set a precedent. Hopefully others will follow. This is a sorely needed reminder that an artist, no matter how important, is nothing without an audience. Music doesn't exist in a vacuum. You can only give because we are here to receive. The general sentiment of people leaving the arena that night in Perugia was, "Great music, shame about the man..."

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