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Aaron Goldberg: Growing as a Band Leader

By Published: August 7, 2007
My generation is a perfect example of that: quietly, outside of the limelight, people like Omer Avital, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Joshua Redman, Mark Turner, myself (I hope), Avishai Cohen, Nicholas Payton... all of my peers have been making great, exciting new music that doesn't sound like something that came before. It doesn't sound like anything, it sounds like us. In that sense the community is strong again in our generation, so I have great high hopes for the future of jazz.

Aaron Goldberg ><strong>AAJ:</strong> Besides jazz what do you listen to?<br /><br /><P><strong>AG:</strong> I love many different ethnic musics in general that are related to jazz, improvisational music that is not jazz, like Indian music, Gipsy music, Bulgarian music, African music—improvisational music that is not coming from the jazz tradition but that has actually affected the jazz tradition. Great songs like South American, Colombian, Argentinean, Mexican, Brazilian songs, so much great songwriting with some improvisational elements... tango, various styles. One reason that jazz is so vibrant in New York it's because there are so many people that are interested in intersecting jazz with all those other musics and I am one of those people. Omer [Avital] is another.<br /><br /><P><strong>AAJ:</strong> Do you think that's the future?<br /><br /><P><strong>AG:</strong> I think that is definitively one direction.<br /><br /><P><strong>AAJ:</strong> I know you have a sentimental link with Portugal, namely with the Hot Clube of Portugal. What are your feelings about this ancient Lisbon jazz club?<br /><br /><P><strong>AG:</strong> It's always great to play in the Hot Clube. It's such a small intimate place, full of young people and a lot of musicians, a lot of students, a lot of old friends, faces I recognize, names I can't remember. I love to play in Portugal and I love Lisbon as a city. It's also easy to play in the Hot Clube; it's hard to have a difficult gig there: every time I play there it's always great.<br /><br /><P><BR> Selected Discography <P> Adonis Rose, <em>On the Verge</em> (Criss Cross, 2007)<BR> Aaron Goldberg, <a href= target=_blank><em>Worlds</em></a> (Sunnyside, 2006)<BR> Matt Penman, <a href= target=_blank><em>The Unquiet</em></a> (Blue Moon, 2002)<BR> John Ellis, <em>Roots, Branches and Leaves</em> (Fresh Sound New Talent, 2002)<BR> Joshua Redman Quartet, <a href= target=_blank><em>Passage of Time</em></a> (Warner Bros., 2001)<BR> Aaron Goldberg, <a href= target=_blank><em>Unfolding</em></a> (J Curve, 2001)<BR> Joshua Redman, <a href= target=_blank><em>Beyond</em></a> (Warner Bros., 2000)<BR> Aaron Goldberg, <a href= target=_blank><em>Turning Point</em></a> (J Curve, 1999)<BR> Gregory Tardy, <em>Serendipity</em> (GRP, 1997) <P> <strong>Photo Credits</strong><BR> First photo and photo with Wynton Marsalis: Courtesy of <a href= target=_blank>Aaron Goldberg</a><BR> Second photo: <a href= /php/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=37059 target=_blank>Jos L. Knaepen</a><BR> Third photo: <a href= /php/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemId=22354&g2_page=1& target=_blank>Jose Manuel Horna</a><BR> Bottom Photo: <a href= target=_blank>Sergio Cabanillas</a>, courtesy of <a href= target=_blank>Aaron Goldberg</a>
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