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6th Rochester International Jazz Festival, Part 3

By Published: July 18, 2007

The trio strolled out confidently, took their places and proceeded to dissect a Lester Young standard, Gershwin's "Somebody Loves Me in a hundred different ways. Byron alternated between tenor and clarinet in two lengthy solos, and with Hart manning the drum chair, the music swung freely. Between songs Byron talked about Lester Young, referring to him as the "codifier of melodic invention" but, not being restricted by the music of Prez, Byron proceeded to show the audience what he meant by calling Coltrane's "Giant Steps as the next tune. I'm always astonished by the malleability of this tune having been done countless ways: Latin, ballad etc. Hart laid down a bossa nova pattern, and Byron proceeded to take apart the song, exposing its melodic core with beautiful chords from Moran prodding him along. This was his best tenor outing of the set. Next up was "For Himm, a contemporary spiritual written by Byron and dedicated to Kirk Franklin. Before they started, he turned to Moran and said "Do you remember your intro on this? Moran began to play, and Byron smiled as he played a magnificent introductory solo. They concluded with a rousing "I Found A New Baby that dug in deeply and swung like mad. This concert was a personal favorite of the entire festival—those who attended both shows said the second show was even better.

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