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Montreal Jazz Festival: Day 3, Saturday, June 30th, 2007

By Published: July 2, 2007
With a belly full of grease, the music moved up St. Laurent Boulevard for the final act of the evening. In the intimate Just For Laughs Cabaret (named for the annual comedy festival held here in mid-July), Anat Fort was to make her Montreal debut. The Israeli-born pianist and composer—who recently released her first recording for the ECM label (A Long Story, 2007)—opened the show in trio, alongside bassist Gary Wang and trapsman Roland Schneider.

But that was just the beginning. Over the course of her two sets, Fort also performed in quartet (adding clarinetist Perry Robinson), solo and duet. And while the playing was inspired all through, even more impressive were Fort's compositions. It's surprisingly rare for an artist to perform their own songs exclusively, with most preferring a blend of originals and covers. Yet on this night Fort stuck strictly to the former, and in so doing gave those in attendance a full course of her gleaming and perceptive compositional voice.

A pitch perfect end to Day 3...

Tomorrow: a Canada Day spectacular with wildman Manu Chao, The Keith Jarrett Trio, and a solo recital from Italy's Stefano Bollani.

Photo Credits

Outdoor Photo: Riel Lazarus

Performance Photos: Rogan Coles

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