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Darrell Grant: From The Heart, Through The Keyboard

By Published: July 2, 2007
"There is a fertility in the music that is really great. I'm really excited about that. I think, in a way, it's precisely because there's no reason to do it now except that you really love it. Nobody's going to get signed by a major label. Since people have forgotten about that, they're saying, 'Let me just play the music I want, then try and put it out.' There's so many good ways to put it out. I feel like there's a lot of creativity. The world's getting smaller now. The different musical languages are so much more accessible because you download anything. It's a real creative period.

"I don't know what will happen, financially. I don't know how many people the music will support, in terms of musicians. I think that's true of any human endeavor. The auto industry is not supporting as many human beings. It's just not. There's going to be more cars and fewer people making them. There will be more music and fewer humans making that. That's what's happening in our age of technology. It'll never go back, I don't think. So if people want to do it, the opportunities to do it and make some really interesting stuff are very good. The opportunity to make a living at it will rise and fall in concert with how that goes with the rest of society.

Selected Discography

Darrell Grant, Truth and Reconciliaton (Origin, 2007)
Darrell Grant, Spirit (Lair Hill, 2003)
Darrell Grant, Smokin' Java (Lair Hill, 1999)
Don Braden, Fire Within RCA, 1999)
Darrell Grant, Twilight Stories (32 Jazz, 1999)
Dmitri Matheny, Starlight Café (Monarch, 1998)
Greg Osby, Art Forum (Blue Note, 1996)
Darrell Grant, New Bop (Criss Cross, 1995)
Darrell Grant, Black Art (Criss Cross, 1994)
Vincent Herring, Scene One (Evidence, 1989)
Charlie Persip's Superband, No Dummies Allowed (Soul Note, 1987)

Photo Credits Top Photo: Hiroshi Iwaya
All Other Photos: Courtesy of Darrell Grant

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