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Paul Taylor: Ladiesí Choice

By Published: July 5, 2007
AAJ: Keiko Matsui and her husband Kazo Matsui discovered you when they caught one of your shows early on, and you played in Keiko's band for two years. What was it like to work with them and to have such a great working relationship over the years? How big of an impact was that experience for you?

PT: I met them when I was getting started and paying a lot of dues. I got a gig with [keyboardist] Jeff Lorber as a sideman at this really prestigious jazz festival, very high profile, and lo and behold, Keiko and Kazu were in the audience, happened to hear the performance and they liked what I was doing and told me so backstage. It was really nice to meet them, and who would have known that a year later I would be performing with them in their band. They were a great influence and they helped me to get started with my career and get it off the ground. I got signed when I was playing with Keiko and I got a lot of experience just by playing with her and being her sideman and seeing how she handled things as an artist. I wanted to be like Keiko in the way that she was a great artist, as well as Jeff Lorber.

AAJ: Your work on Keiko's album, Moyo (Heart & Soul) (Shout Factory, 2007) and your contribution to the song "Black River are great. You made your acting debut on the soap opera, One Life to Live. Is acting another passion of yours or was that just an opportunity that presented itself?

PT: That is just something that came up. I am a big fan of television, you know, growing up. I have never really thought of myself as an actor. The opportunity presented itself to be on One Life to Live and it was cool because I got to play myself in a club setting playing my songs, and I had a couple of lines. It was really fun. I never really thought, "I want to be an actor, too. But, it was good while it happened.

AAJ: Well I'm sure you'll have other opportunities in the future if that is something that you decide to pursue. Back to the record, every song on Ladies' Choice has a really positive vibe.

PT: The song "Ladies' Choice is probably my favorite. We're filling in the calendar right now. I'll be touring with Regina Belle. I just want to say that I really appreciate all the support from my fans over the years and I hope that they follow my musical journey through the years. When they hear Ladies' Choice they will hear my latest inspirations, the sound has really inspired me. I think if anyone has liked my previous albums then they will like the vibe on Ladies' Choice.

Selected Discography

Paul Taylor, Ladies' Choice (Peak Records, 2007)
Keiko Matsui, Moyo (Heart & Soul) (Shout Factory, 2007)
Paul Taylor, Nightlife (Peak Records, 2005)
Paul Taylor, Steppin' Out (Peak Records, 2003)
Paul Taylor, Hypnotic (Peak Records, 2001)
Paul Taylor, Undercover (Encoded Music, 2000)
Keiko Matsui, Full Moon and the Shrine (Countdown, 1998)
Paul Taylor, Pleasure Seeker (Countdown, 1997)
Keiko Matsui, Dream Walk (Countdown, 1996)
Paul Taylor, On The Horn (ULG, 1995)
Keiko Matsui, Sapphire (White Cat, 1995)

Photo Credit Cary Gillaspie

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