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Matt Shulman: The Next Big Thing

By Published: June 28, 2007
AAJ: You are definitely doing something right. To have your peers such as saxophonist Branford Marsalis say that your music is "Swinging! —that is such an accomplishment in itself, to be respected by your peers for your musicianship and your artistic vision. Your music has an esoteric nuance to it. When one listens to your music it does speak to your inner intuitive self, there is something insightful to it.

MS: Music serves a lot of different purposes. There is music that is just for festivals or celebrating. That has been a societal function of music for many years, people getting together and dancing. But, the music that I'm into, and I'm into all of it, but lately, I am into music where you can transcend the physical in a way and you really get in touch with your spirit. Like you said, it is kind of esoteric and ethereal. It is hard to talk about, but it is real and that is what a lot of that music is about; transcending the everyday trivial things and really enabling people to resonate on a higher frequency to help us all to evolve. I certainly hope that people feel that. I hope that it is not too abstract for them and that they really feel it and get it.

Selected Discography

Matt Shulman, So It Goes (Jaggo/Universal, 2007)
Matt Shulman, While We Sleep (ShulmanSystem, 2004)

Photo Credit
Courtesy of Matt Shulman's MySpace Page

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