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By Published: April 5, 2003
In that effort, a wide range of corporate sponsors lent support to Swiss Peaks, a nonprofit arts organization based in New York that organized three months of gallery shows, film screenings and concerts to showcase the arts of Switzerland.

"New York is considered the cultural capital of the world," Marclay said. "People are always wanting to come here and show what they can do, but the small clubs can't afford to do it. A place like Tonic can't afford to bring people in. They work on a very small margin."

Whether or not American support grows for the consistently strong released Intakt puts out, generally six or eight a year, the label is dedicated to continue putting out the albums that Landolt sees as not just recordings but documents of the time.

"Most of our CDs have long liner notes," he said. "The package is very important. We have traditional jewel boxes, but we spend a lot of money on the booklet, on the liner notes, on the translation. "It's a reflection," he added. "Music, for me, is seismic. You can read on the music the feeling of the times. This is important to me."

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