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Page McConnell: From Studio(s) to Stage(s)

By Published: June 7, 2007

AAJ: As I said, I was looking at your itinerary on your website earlier today and I notice the tour leads right up to, but doesn't include, playing at Bonnaroo [Festival in Tennessee in June]. I don't why that leapt out at me except that the dates seemed to be almost contiguous. Is there still a chance you might do something at Bonnaroo?

PM: I wouldn't think so. And that was very observant of you. Just not this time around. It didn't seem to work out. Having said that, if you're not playing Bonnaroo you don't want to be playing anywhere else during that time period.

AAJ: Maybe that's what caught my eye about it!

PM: I don't think I'm going to be at Bonnaroo this year, I was there with Vida Blue, but this is pretty much all just clubs. We're going out again hopefully in the summer and doing more of a western tour and then again in the fall doing something else.

AAJ: Well I hope you end up in Vermont again somewhere, as you began. Or maybe I'll go to one of the other shows just to see how things are evolving as the tour goes on.

PM: You should come to Minneapolis for the last show. I heard that theatre is beautiful

AAJ: I will check my calendar to see what my tour dates show [laughs]!

Selected Discography

Page McConnell, Page McConnell (Legacy, 2007)
Phish, Live in Brooklyn (Rhino/Jemp, 2006)
Phish, Colorado '88 (Jemp Records, 2006)
Live at Madison SquareGarden New Year's Eve 1995
(Rhino/Jemp, 2005)
Phish, Island Tour (Live Phish, 2005)
Phish, Undermind (Elektra, 2004)
Vida Blue, The Illustrated Band (Sanctuary, 2003)
Phish, Farmhouse (Elektra, 2002)
Vida Blue, Vida Blue (Elektra, 2002)
Phish, Round Room (Elektra, 2000)

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Adam Farber

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