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Mike DiRubbo: The First Priority? Recording This Band

By Published: June 21, 2007
MD: There are certain parts I can live with. My first CD is a little tough for me to listen to, because I was 24 when it was recorded, but it came out five years later. The thing is, usually by the time you put something out, you're completely sick of it, because you've heard it so many times to pick the tracks, the song order, that whole thing. Even this new record, that was more than a year ago. I've moved on to different ideas and different projects. I've been playing with [trombonist] Steve Davis a lot more lately, and pianist David Bryant. I've been hearing music in terms of what will work well with how they play.

AAJ: Getting back to the new CD, in the liner notes you have quotes from Bruce Lee and Krishnamurti. What's their significance to you?

MD: Growing up, I was really into the martial arts, and Bruce Lee was my John Coltrane. It was through Bruce Lee that I got into J. Krishnamurti, and upon reading Krishnamurti I found many similarities in their concepts. I hope the philosophies manifest themselves in my music. These philosophies are how I try to live my life, and I would think they would then manifest themselves in my music. I'm not saying that this has been achieved, but I realize it more now than when I was 25 or even 30 years old. That's the beauty of art. More and more becomes revealed to you the longer you work at it and devote yourself to it.

Selected Discography

Mike DiRubbo, New York Accent: Live at the Kitano (Cellar Live, 2007)
Mike DiRubbo, Human Spirit (Criss Cross, 2003)
Steve Davis, Systems Blue (Criss Cross, 2002)
Mike DiRubbo, Keep Steppin' (Criss Cross, 2001)
Jim Rotondi, Reverence (Criss Cross, 2001)
Steve Davis, Vibe Up! (Criss Cross, 2000)
Mike DiRubbo, From the Inside Out (Sharp Nine, 1999)
Steve Davis, Crossfire (Criss Cross, 1998)

Photo Credit
Mark Kaufmann, courtesy of Mike DiRubbo

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