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George Benson: From Chitlins to Chateaubriand to Caviar

By Published: June 14, 2007

AAJ: You still got Grant Green's Guitar? 'Cause I interviewed Grant on his last recording Live at the Lighthouse (Blue Note, 1972), and I heard you got it.

GB: Is that right, man? Yeah, I was there for that gig at the Lighthouse. He drove all the way out and picked me up. Yes I do. I have the one that was made for him by D'Aquisto, the foremost acoustic/ electric guitar maker. Not too long ago, he passed away. I became good friends with him before he died. And I came across Grant's guitar in a store and I had to have it, man.

It's been a long journey from Pittsburgh, Newark's Front Room and the Chitlin' Circuits to Montreal. Like Magellan's journey around the world, George Benson's guitar has taken him around the globe many times over. George has shown the world that his musical circumference is well-rounded in verse and music, as evidenced in his exquisite guitar playing and lyrical songs. Long live Good King Bad---the Baddest Benson. Ambassador of Song and Guitarist Extraordinaire.

Selected Discography

George Benson & Al Jarreau, Givin' It Up (Concord, 2006)
George Benson, Irreplaceable (GRP, 2004)
George Benson, That's Right (GRP, 1996)
George Benson, Big Boss Band (Warner Bros., 1990)
George Benson, Give Me The Night (Warner Bros., 1980)
George Benson, Weekend in LA (Warner Bros., 1977)
George Benson, Breezin' (Warner Bros., 1976)
George Benson, Body Talk (CTI, 1973)
George Benson, White Rabbit (CTI, 1971)
Lou Donaldson, Alligator Boogaloo (Blue Note, 1967)
George Benson, The George Benson Cookbook (Columbia, 1966)
George Benson, The New Boss Guitar (Prestige, 1964)
George Benson/Jack McDuff, George Benson/Jack McDuff (Prestige, 1964)

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Top Photo: Marianne Hamann-Weiss
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Ben Johnson

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