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By Published: June 24, 2007
This still young label has also been honored internationally. "My Bill Holman Band Live CD was a 2006 Grammy nominee for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording. The Phil Woods A Life In E Flat DVD won a Telly Award and a Videographer Award of Excellence. Ira Gitler awarded it 4 stars in Down Beat."

Jazzed Media's owner is quite confident in his ability to achieve top notch results, though he isn't afraid to disagree with musicians. "Any good producer has to be able to say 'No'. The jazz world is a music business, with business an equal part to the music. If you want to be totally idealistic as a musician that's great, but there are consequences to that view. You must remember you are providing entertainment and you should understand your audience. We have all been to jazz clubs where the musicians are playing for themselves, playing multiple solo choruses and the audience is looking at their watches and talking to each other. The musicians are not connecting to the audience. A CD is no different, in fact, it's even harder. You have two minutes to connect with someone on the radio or away they go." Fortunately, artists who work with Carter are seasoned professionals who don't have inflated egos and are used to producing great performances with a minimum of takes.

Carter is now working on a Bud Shank documentary entitled Against the Tide. Additional projects on the horizon include upcoming releases featuring Mel Martin with Benny Carter, Bud Shank & Bill Mays, Phil Woods and a previously unissued date by Irene Kral. He states, "I would like to release a live recording of The Woody Herman Orchestra at Bop City in 1950, along with other rare Herman material. Getting acceptable fidelity from an acetate recording of a radio broadcast offers a challenge, though I have complete faith in Rod Nicas' abilities. I have one of the largest collections of Woody Herman live recordings in the world and could release many interesting things over time. However, they must receive Tom Littlefield's [Woody Herman's grandson] approval".

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