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A Fireside Chat With Ken Vandermark

By Published: April 17, 2003

AAJ: With all the projects that you are associated and the sheer amount of touring you do, twenty-four hours couldn't possibly be enough.

KV: Yeah, it is kind of mysterious (laughing). It is amazing what the human capacity is for work if you are interested in it. The person to talk about that would be my wife because she has to deal with the kind of schedule that I have been creating for myself, but it is connected to a real passion and interest in what I do. I am not exaggerating at all to say that I love what I do. I'm a very, very, very fortunate person, who is aware of the fact that I'm fortunate and that I really, really love playing the music that I play and working with the people that I work with and getting a chance to perform the things that interest me. That kind of love for it really allows me to find the energy and the time to accomplish the things. There is so much to do. That is the thing. I look around and my biggest frustration is not having enough time. There is so many people to work with and so many potential ideas. It sounds gratuitous, but it is the truth. I feel really lucky to be alive right now and do this stuff because there is so much left to do and all I see is this potential for more to happen and more interesting projects to happen and for the work to develop and become stronger and that keeps me motivated.


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