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Audio High Product Profile

Fatman iTube - iPod Dock and Amplifier

By Published: May 17, 2007
The iTube is turned on in two steps. First, turn on the amp with the hard toggle switch on the amp. Then you must turn on the iTube dock using the supplied remote. Otherwise you will get no sound from your iPod. Once on, the tube amp warms up very quickly and is ready to play right away. (Many tube amps take some time to warm up properly.)

The amp uses two tubes to provide the smooth, rich sound. The amp also has a third, green tube right behind the amplification tubes. James Roth, the managing director of Roth Audio, put this tube here for fun: "It shows you the music level. The higher you turn it up, the more it bounces up and down."

It is fun.

Roth Audio has other iPod amplification devices, but the Fatman iTube is currently the only one imported into the United States. You can check or for updates on new products as they become available in the US.

Where To Buy

As always, AAJ readers purchasing products from Audio High receive a special gift along with any purchase. For a complete list of authorized dealers of the Fatman iTube, please visit

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