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Big Band Report

RIP Tommy Newsom

By Published: May 8, 2007
Well, as they had my credit card number, there wasn't much I could do—at the moment—except fume. But unlike most customers who are ripped off, I can at least warn others about what Circuit City considers sound business practice and warn them not to deal with those high-handed robbers. They've definitely been crossed off my list, and I would recommend that anyone reading this do the same. And now, Circuit City, you may consider us even.

A final reminder about the Ken Poston/L.A. Jazz Institute's "Swing Into Spring spectacular (no less than nineteen big bands) May 23-27 at the Sheraton LAX Four Points (a full report next month) and I'm outta here. Until next time, keep swingin'...!

New and Noteworthy

1. Igor Butman Big Band, The Eternal Triangle (Access Industries)
2. Robert Bachner Big Band, Moments Of Noise (ATS Records)
3. Buddy Rich, Rich In London (Mosaic)
4. Abe Silverman Big Band, Dream Theme (Dream Theme Records)
5. Columbus Jazz Orchestra, The Colors Of Jazz (Jazz Arts Group)
6. University Of Colorado, CU Over The Rainbow (UC Jazz)
7. Southwest Jazz Orchestra, Live At The Albuquerque Museum (SWJO)
8. Mace Francis Big Band, Introducing . . . (no label)
9. Big Time Jazz Orchestra, Fanfare For Some Flounder? (no label)
10. Foxborough (MA) High School, Jump For Joy (no label)
11. Frank Macchia/Prague Orchestra, Emotions (Cacophony)
12. James L. Dean Big Band, Swingin' At The Whiskey Café (Cexton)
13. SWR Big Band, A Fresh Taste Of Thad Jones And Frank Foster (Hanssler Classic)
14. Erwin Lehn Orchestra, Let 'Em Swing! (CK Records)
15. Swiss Jazz Orchestra/Jim McNeely, Paul Klee (Mons)

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